Coming soon in Drupal 8.3

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Drupal 8.3.x release is planned for early April 2017

I'm very excited about the new release cycle for Drupal 8 and beyond. In this post I'll give a quick overview of the Drupal release cycle and the changes that have been introduced and are coming soon in Drupal 8.3.

Drupal 8 is no longer static between major releases. It has been evolving steadily since its release in Novemebr 2015, with new features being tested and added with each minor release. See more about it here.

New features may appear in the form of 'experimental' modules to begin with and then become fully-supported core modules in the following release. 

For new development projects this is great because with each new release more and more features are available “out-of-the-box” and we can be sure that future releases will not break core functionality. Drupal has become more versatile than ever. 

It also means that we are able to offer our ongoing clients, who were lucky enough to get on board Drupal 8 early, a continuously improving experience. 

What features did we get in 8.2?

Ok, there has been many, many changes since 8.0 and you can see the full list here:!CHANGELOG.txt/8.2.x but the main "new features" in  8.2 came in the form of experimental* features.

  • Date ranges: If you want have multi-day events you may need to specify an end date. Originally the core date field in Drupal 8 didn’t allow us to define an end date, however the experimental (Date Range) was conceived to answer this problem.  
  • Content Moderation. The Content Moderation module allows you to expand on Drupal's "unpublished" and "published" states for content. More details on the Content Moderation page on D.O .
  • Place Block allows inline editing of blocks and Settings Tray provides the ability to change the most common configuration from the Drupal front-end.
  • Read more:

*experimental features have no guaranteed upgrade path so should be used with caution. 

What will we get in Drupal 8.3.x (release planned for early April 2017)?

We are promised massive performance improvements in BigPipe. Drupal 8.2 gave us Big Pipe as an experimental module and with 8.3 it will be part of the main offering. At Agile Collective we will be reviewing all our Drupal 8 sites and configuring Big Pipe as part of the Support and Maintenance contract*.  Read more here:


Content Moderation and Workflows allow site managers more control over who in the organisation can draft and publish content. I understand that you can create custom states for your content, and define which roles can move the content from one state to the next. 

** With an Agile Collective Support and Maintainance agreement we'll keep your Drupal 8 site up-to-date with the newest versions of Drupal as they are released, this means we can roll out improvements and security updates to your site quickly and cleanly. #justsaying

And what's coming the future…

We can get involved with the ideas in development over on