Agile Collective is hiring!

Salary range: £26,440 - £51,413, depending on relevant experience

Location: Remote (with an option to work from our Oxford office, UK)

Contract: Full-time or part-time

Available roles

Agile Collective builds digital products for charities, NGOs, and the public sector. We are also an employee-owned co-operative.

We are currently hiring for the following roles, which could be filled part-time or full-time. We can adapt the role to suit people at different stages of their career and are open to combining one or more of these roles.

  • Project Manager: Guiding projects from start to finish, ensuring seamless delivery and cross-team collaboration.
  • Account Manager: Building relationships with clients and understanding their needs, nurturing our existing partnerships and fostering new ones that are aligned with our values.
  • Quality Assurance Tester/Junior Developer: Maintaining high-quality standards of our work, ensuring that the final product meets expectations agreed with the client.
  • Communications Officer: Overseeing external and internal communications.
  • Human Resources Specialist: Fostering a healthy workplace and supporting professional development.
  • Business Development Manager: Identifying growth opportunities, writing proposals, and establishing strategic partnerships.

About us

Agile Collective is a dynamic digital agency, based in the UK and with employees across Europe. We specialise in design, consultancy, development and support of websites for purpose-driven organisations.

Agile Collective is an employee-owned co-operative, which means that we are fully owned and managed by our workers. Our ideal candidate will aspire to become a member and co-owner of the co-operative.

Read more about us and our work here.


Your starting salary will be in the range of £26,440 - £51,413. Pay scales at Agile Collective are set fairly and transparently. You can read more about our approach here.


In a worker co-operative you have ownership and control over your work, and over how we reward ourselves as members. Here are some of the existing benefits but you could help develop others if you become a member:

  • flexible working hours and location
  • training budget
  • all-costs paid annual company retreat
  • ethical pension scheme
  • mobile phone
  • career break
  • profit share
  • a say in distributing money to good causes

You can view the benefits and ways of working at Agile Collective in our handbook.


All positions are remote. 

We have an office at MakeSpace Central in Oxford that employees can use, and we will consider sponsoring workspace hire in a location of the candidate’s choosing.

We're happy to consider non-UK applicants provided your working hours align with UK mornings. Your employment status will depend on the tax situation in your country.

About you

As well as skills specific to each role, we’re looking for people who will help us develop the business.

You'll thrive if you: 

  • have a positive, creative approach towards challenges
  • have strong organisational and time-management skills
  • care about communication and team dynamics
  • are good at setting goals for yourself and others
  • are open to being mentored and mentoring others in turn
  • have a flair for new ideas and leadership

How to apply

Closing date for applications: 8 September 2023 at 5pm BST.

Applications are now closed.

Step 1: Application

In the application form we ask:

  1. What is it about this opportunity that encouraged you to apply?
  2. What relevant experience would you bring to the role?
  3. Please give an example of how you've made a positive contribution to a team in the past.
  4. Please describe an occasion when you've had to communicate complex information.

    The word limit for each question is 1,500 characters (approximately 300 words).

    We run an anonymous application process, as we have found that this yields better results. While we do ask for details of relevant work experience, this is to understand your approach and what you have learned. We do not ask for a CV or portfolio of work.

    Step 2: Interview

    If we feel that you are a good fit for Agile Collective, we will invite you to an interview.

    Ahead of the interview, we will ask you to complete a task relevant to the position. Again, this is to understand your approach and see how you respond to a challenge.

    Agile Collective will pay you a flat fee of £300 for the time it takes to complete the task and interview.

    If you have any queries, please email