Andreia with a volcano


Developer, Apprentice

We are delighted to have Andreia at Agile Collective, a talented web developer-in-training. Andreia is one of the brilliant apprentices on the scheme run by Happy Computers. When she's not following the curriculum Andreia gets involved in both support and project work, keeping our other developers on their toes with her questions.

Life before Agile Collective

Andreia's previous career focused on the lives of people living in the 1500s. Computing and digital humanities was an obvious career progression. Andreia is adamant that technology should be used to build a fairer and more informed society, where people make sense of what is going on. When weighing up her options for an agency to support her apprenticeship she felt we were a good fit.

She says: 'Choosing Agile Collective was a no-brainer. Working in a co-operative has long attracted me. I am interested in the collaborative nature and transparency in decision making of co-ops. The team’s ethical values and clients were also a major criteria when I applied for an apprenticeship at Agile.'

When Andreia is not at work

Andreia enjoys travelling and loves to visit her once-hometown of Lisbon. Her weekends are spent volunteering at RISC in Reading or doing DIY at home. When she can, Andreia likes to try new things and test her own boundaries: she's climbed the limestone peaks in Cat Ba Bay in Vietnam and she even once tried paragliding – despite the fact that she gets nauseous just looking at a swing. Although she felt dizzy for the following week she still claims it was an amazing experience.

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