Ian's photo of the Alhambra in Granada at night

Ian Bellchambers

Business development, Strategy

If you don’t know us already, Ian’s probably the first person you’ll speak to. A digital agency veteran of 19 years and counting, he takes care of business development and generally keeps our feet on the ground.

Life before Agile Collective

Previously a musician, a tour merchandiser, an A&R co-ordinator and a production manager, Ian started dabbling in digital back in the days of Geocities, Netscape 4 and tables for layout, embraced Moveable Type and blogged enthusiastically but briefly in 2002, and never looked back. RSS is still his favourite technology.

Having helped grow another successful digital agency for non-profits, Ian took a well-earned break in 2016 and consulted for #techforgood companies for a couple of years before joining Agile Collective in 2018.

When Ian’s not at work

Ian likes to be outside. Walking, running, on a bike, in a kayak, up a mountain, downhill, overseas, under the night sky, watching, listening, learning, wandering, wondering…

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