Liam Finnis

Project manager, Scrum master

Liam is a Project Manager and certified Scrum Master. In a nutshell Liam makes sure everyone, client, designer or developer, has everything they need to get things done.

Life before Agile Collective

Liam has spent most of his career working in international development, with a particular focus on research communication and access. In this arena he became very adept at dealing with tight budgets and ‘ambitious’ requests. Luckily he loves the challenge of finding the most simple, efficient and cost-effective solution, a skill-set that our clients are hugely grateful for.

When Liam’s not at work

Liam’s another games enthusiast – in fact, that’s how we found him. When asked what he likes, he says “if it’s a bit nerdy, I am likely to get behind it”. He’s an ‘enthusiastic’ bass player. He’s an ice hockey fan, and if it isn’t obvious yet he’s also Canadian.

Liam likes shows with comedic, in-depth analyses of topics he knows nothing about (i.e. Last Week Tonight or the Freakonomics podcast). Mostly though, he enjoys inflicting his interests on his family who call him a (brilliant*) husband and (inspirational*) father.


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