Bananas at Paul's desk

Paul Popus


He's a man of few words, but don't let that fool you. Paul's the kind of developer you want on your side. His energy and enthusiasm for the cutting edge is unbounded, his tolerance for nonsense very low.

He's an enigma.

Life before Agile Collective

Paul joined us initially through the apprenticeship program run by Happy Computers. He impressed us in the selection process - his wry tales of drumming up website work from the shopkeepers of Cowley Road, and learning the subtle art of managing client expectations made up for his spectacularly poor performance in the marshmallow challenge.

When Paul's not at work

He's currently set himself the target of weight-lifting twice his own body weight. We're not sure what he's planning to do with this skill, but we're glad he's on our team and not against us.

Just don't mention the last season of Game of Thrones.

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