Castelvecchio di Rocca Barbena, a medieval village, at night

Tancredi D'Onofrio

Collaborator, Developer

Tanc is an experienced Drupal developer and these days enjoys working on front end and decoupled projects (like this website) where he gets to use some modern front end tooling. Tanc lives with Sally in a medieval village in the Maritime Alps in Italy.

Life before Agile Collective

Peering through the mists of time (with a Scooby Doo wobble effect) Tanc vaguely recalls working for two Drupal agencies in Australia and an independent news company as a Drupal developer. The news company was owned and published by Australian Independent Business Media who were bought by Murdoch’s News Corp Australia, which is when Tanc promptly left.

This contributed heavily to Tanc’s decision to join Agile Collective, understanding the importance of being an equal owner and voice in the business.

When Tanc’s not at work

Tanc lives in a very peaceful and relaxed village in the mountains of Liguria in Italy. One of the main reasons for moving there was the elevation and amazing network of trails, perfect for riding mountain bikes.

Chestnuts roasting over a fire
Mountain biking Ca du Campo trail
Roasting chestnuts at the Castagnata and riding the local trails

In the village there are three organisations: the town council, a sports association and a local community-run bar/cafe.

Tanc's a member of the sports association whose mandate is to promote outdoor sports in the area. They put on three events a year and look to encourage trail running, hiking/trekking, mountain biking and climbing.

He's also on the council of the local bar/cafe whose purpose is to provide a social place for local people. They also put on events, like the famous Castagnata where they cook chestnuts and serve hundreds of visitors, or the children's festival of happiness.

He's yet to join the town council. They did ask.

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