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Climate Visuals

Every day, thousands of images of climate change are shared around the world, images which play a crucial role in both defining climate change, and in shaping the way it is understood and acted upon.

Many of the images we see in the context of climate change such as polar bears, melting ice and arrays of smoke stacks, don’t convey the urgent human stories at the heart of the issue. Recognising the urgency for a more compelling and diverse visual language for climate change, Climate Outreach created Climate Visuals, an evidence-based image library.

The Climate Visuals website aims to strategically change the working practices of influential visual communicators across the world. Based on international social research in Europe and the US this unique resource offers seven core principles for effective visual communication plus a library of images.

    Climate Visuals image search page on a large screen
    Climate Visuals image search page

    Research & design

    We helped the Climate Outreach team streamline the categorisation of the content, which is integral to a user-friendly search experience, and explored many different types of image galleries and filtering options – the resulting search experience is intuitive and easy to use. We also created the logo for the project and developed a simple visual design which allows the photography to speak for itself.

    The site has seen increased traffic and user engagement resulting in greater numbers of referrals to the photographic source agencies. The Climate Visuals website has become a beacon project for Climate Outreach who are using it to explain and promote their activities.

    Climate Visuals home page on a mobile screen
    Climate Visuals home page on a mobile screen
    Climate Visuals news page on a mobile screen
    Climate Visuals image page on a mobile screen

    Main image (top): Jacqueline Godany on Unsplash
    Preview image (previous): Science in HD on Unsplash

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