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University of London Institute in Paris

ULIP is a college of the University of London, located in Paris. It is a growing academic institution which offers a range of graduate programmes alongside its highly prestigious undergraduate degrees in French language and culture. Being outside of the UK, ULIP misses out on many of the traditional recruitment avenues available to UK universities and so it wanted a website that punched above its weight...
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    Discovery & design

    Agile Collective facilitated the discovery and design phase of the project and also developed the site, working closely with fellow cooperative Wave who produced the visual design for the project.

    We organised and conducted stakeholder interviews to help us fully understand the identity of the college and the challenges it faced – being part of the University of London yet needing it’s own identity meant that we needed to work closely with the University on behalf of ULIP to develop a visual identity which would work for both.

    We ran Information Architecture (IA) workshops to create a structure for the content that made more sense to users.

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