Creative Multilingualism

Promoting language learning in the UK and showcasing relevant academic research

What is Creative Multilingualism? 

This AHRC-funded project is based in the Faculty of Modern Languages at the University of Oxford but it involves research on multilingualism being carried out at seven different universities around the UK. 

The website needs to fulfil two very different functions: to represent the fruits of the academic research, and to affect the public and policy perception of the value of multilingualism.

How we helped 

The question of how best to address the specialist and general audiences in one design dominated the early stages of the project. 

We started with exercises intended to produce a mission statement and logo that would work in all contexts and elaborated the design from there.

We then devised an entirely new part of the site called ‘Feature articles’. This had not been part of the original specifications but answered the need to present research in a format that can easily be understood by all audiences.