Global Canopy Programme main site

The Global Canopy Programme (GCP) is an Oxford-based think tank; their vision is for the end of rainforest destruction around the world.

We have worked with GCP since 2012, building sites for a variety of their independently funded projects. By contrast, the GCP main site had fallen down the list of priorities. Consequesntly, when we were asked to enhance the site in 2104 the challenge was to find a way to do so on a limited budget. Agile Collective offered to donate some time on the project in recognition of our long partnership and in order to work with Drupal 8, which at that stage was still over a year away from its first official release.

Working with pre-release code was our biggest challenge on this project, but a highly rewarding one that gave us our first taste of the new Drupal structure and of theming in Twig. We launched days before the official release of Druapl 8 in October 2015. 

Other challenges included the simplification of the design and the information architecture and both of these had to tie into an evolving mission statement and related branding guidleines. The limited resources meant that in order to do this well, we emphasised simplicity and cleanness in all areas.