OXME is a site for young people in Oxfordshire. Its aims are to provide information about health, work, learning and life around Oxfordshire.

Oxfordshire County Council have an obligation to provide information to young people in Oxfordshire. At the time of commissioning they had two sites serving different age groups (9-13 and 13-18), which was seen as an unnecessary and artificial distinction. The previous design meant that they got a lot of negative feedback about the sites and very little engagement – people couldn't find anything. The Council wanted to consolidate the existing sites into one site, with a new look and feel.

We first engaged in a discovery phase that consisted of workshops with local young people – both at the Code Club we run (for ages 8-10) and at the Oxfordshire Youth Parliament (16-18). This involved testing on the paper prototypes for the new site and we focused on labelling and nomenclature – stripping jargon out of the site and using a language for young people that they felt was appropriate. The feedback has been very positive from client and users alike – young people love the new design and find it easy to navigate; the client also loves the new design and thinks it's a massive improvement. The content management is radically improved, with custom report generation, much easier and better structured data and the ability to post to social media directly from the site.

Agile responded well to a complex brief for a harder-to-reach audience and produced a smooth, cool design which produced great feedback from our user groups. Late stage additions to the brief were taken in stride and the brand needs of the organisation were respected. A particular requirement from us was working with young people; Agile were happy to have our work experience students and young person volunteers attend and contribute during design and planning meetings, and trialled our designs at a local code club and youth parliament meetings.

Jeremy Day, Oxford City Council