University of London Institute in Paris

ULIP image

About the project 

ULIP is a college of the University of London, located in Paris. It is a growing academic institution and now offers a range of graduate programmes alongside its highly prestigious undergraduate degrees in French language and culture. Being outside of the UK, ULIP misses out on many of the traditional recruitment avenues available to UK universities and so it wanted a website that punched above its weight...

How Agile Collective helped 

  • Negotiated on behalf of ULIP with the University of London on branding and typography.
  • Worked with our fellow cooperatives, Wave, in order produce the best design possible.
  • Conducted stakeholder interviews to fully understand the  identity and challenges of the college.
  • Used Information (IA) workshops in order to restructure the content in a way that made more sense to users.
  • Built an admin interface in Drupal 8 that is simple for all site editors to use.