World Information Architecture Day 2016

World IA Day promoted screenshot

We were approached by the Information Architecture Institute to produce a site that allowed the organisers around the world to promote their events. The client had no budget but were able to offer us training and workshops in lieu; and on our side we took the opportunity to develop our first site in Drupal 8, which was at that stage in pre-release. 

In the meantime we developed a design in line with their branding and produced a long one-page holding site. We were then able to work with an evolving Drupal 8 to create the final site, which will expand iteratively up till launch in April 2016.

David Peter Simon, the client lead, very kindly wrote a blog post about his experience working on the site - read it here!

I'm certain it was good karma for the IAI that brought Agile Collective and World IA Day together.

Agile Collective’s talents extend beyond development, as the creative direction has helped redefine, repurpose, and remix our brand in a new exciting light this year.

David Peter Simon