Branding and identity

As a full-service agency we are particularly well-placed to help you think about your branding as part of your wider communications strategy.

We can conduct a branding review as part of a website rebuild or as a standalone project. In either case, you will emerge with a fully rounded identity that considers the environments in which the logo will live as central to its function, and not just an afterthought.

Not only will we produce an inventive, exciting and appropriate visual identity for you but we will fully iterate it for all media (including social media, all print materials, website, advertising) and work with you to decide how to implement it. We will also produce styleguides for both visual design and language. Effective branding exercises in 2017 should consider UX and UI as essential and we will look for opportunities to add depth and character to your brand through well chosen interactions based on research and tied to specific goals.

We think of branding guidelines as living documents, in constant dialogue with the developing needs of the organisation that uses it. Using open source online tools such as Pattern Lab it is possible to record changes to your brand as it evolves whilst allowing you to quickly apply updated brand elements across your digital media estate.