Reviews, audits and user research

If you have an existing site you may be interested to know how it is performing across a spectrum of areas. 

We offer a range of testing and review services where we employ our experience and expertise to both help uncover hidden issues and to solve them.


We offer site code reviews where we will investigate the codebase and compare it to best practices. This process can uncover technical or organisational issues which can then be rectified to prevent them causing long term problems. For sites which we did not develop, code reviews are carried out as part of the on-boarding process into our support service. 


We can review your site in terms of the WCAG guidelines to ensure that your site is accessible and usable to the widest range of people possible. Something as simple as a background colour change or a text size increase can have a massive impact on user experience. If you have a project which requires a highly specified accessibility requirement please do get in touch, we are confident it can be delivered.

User Research

Often integrated into the development process, user research can be offered as part of a site review, or to test particular aspects of the site. User research is powerful in providing definitive answers to important questions which would otherwise be based on guesswork. By getting users to use and test sites it is possible to see what the user really does like and want, which is oftentimes not what might have been predicted.

Analytics / SEO

We offer a wide range of SEO and analytics sevices.