We offer a comprehensive and longstanding support and maintenance service, having supported some sites continuously since the days of Drupal 5 over 10 years ago.

We provide solutions to meet all needs, with a scalable support service that can provide anything from patching security releases all the way up to regular monthly development time.

We are pleased to offer services that are:

  • Secure - the application of all security updates ensures your site infrastructure is secure.
  • Flexible - changes, amendments and feature requests allow you to keep the site up to date.
  • Dependable - dedicated staff, defined response times and electronic monitoring ensure that any issues you have are resolved promptly.

A site being built is very much the beginning of that site's life, and conscientious maintenance of that site over the site's lifetime will yield tremendous value.

Can we support your site?

We don't just maintain sites that we have built - we maintain a wide range of sites built by other developers. If you are curious about whether we could provide support for you please just get in touch.



As standard across all our support packages you will be given access to an issue tracker for your project. This will allow people to raise tickets and for both sides to maintain an easily-referenced dialogue on issues. We provide a user guide too to make sure you get the most out of the system.


We implement security releases to any codebases we maintain as standard. CMS platforms will periodically (usually monthly, or more frequently) release security updates which require implementation in order to maintain site and data security. We monitor for those releases and will implement them in a timely fashion without you having to concern yourself with them, or with whether your site is secure.  

New Features

The world moves quickly, and sites must be able to change and adapt in order to continue to be as powerful and relevant as they are when first launched.

Beyond the basics, we can offer you dedicated time on a regular basis, in order to build new features, maintain or improve existing ones, or conduct other processes such as SEO improvements or other site analysis. We will update you with monthly reports on your usage and maintain a conversation about how best to use your time.


    We also offer other services such as training site editors on how to use technologies, writing documentation, on-boarding sites from other developers and offering site audits to check the health of your website amongst many others. 

    Please ask us if you have any questions about support.

    Here are a few of the clients we are proud to support:

    Balliol College, University of Oxford
    Co-operatives UK
    International Land Coalition