We’re a worker-owned agency that designs, builds and supports websites for organisations we believe in.

Who we are

We are a worker-owned agency that designs, builds and supports websites for purpose-driven organisations.

We believe in making things better, together.

We’re a tight team of digital strategists, designers, developers and project managers based in the UK, Italy and Sweden. 

We work with organisations that value environmental sustainability, social responsibility, equality and human rights, and share our vision of a better world for everyone. We are a company with a conscience.

We’re agile, reliable and responsive. We love open source software, and we’re a worker co-op because we believe that’s a fairer way to do business. We take our work seriously and deliver great results, but we know how to have fun too.

Every project is different, but the building blocks remain the same: with a shared understanding of your strategic objectives and user needs, together we can create something special.

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We’re a different kind of digital agency

Agile Collective is a little different from most digital agencies you’ll come across. We’re a worker co-operative, which means the business is owned and run by the people you’ll be working with, each of whom is personally invested in the success of our company and your project.

This is an increasingly popular operating model in the tech industry and, as founder members of CoTech, we're helping to make that happen.

We want our work to have a big, positive impact on the world, so we seek out clients that share our vision and values. There’s nothing better than working with like-minded people to deliver meaningful, tangible change. Our independence means that, for us, this is our primary consideration rather than a nice-to-have.

Over the years the vast majority of our clients have been non-profits – whether charities, NGOs, educational institutions or public sector organisations – but we’re also comfortable working with commercial organisations whose mission is demonstrably good.

We’re not going to lecture you on plastic straws and your choice of non-dairy ‘milk’, but you will have peace of mind that you're working with a team whose commitment to a better world is non-negotiable.

Right from the start our core technology has been the leading open source CMS, Drupal, with some of the team's experience dating back to the mid-2000s. With a worldwide developer community that continues to thrive, a robust and performant technical architecture, and significant recent improvements to editor experience and interoperability, we are confident that Drupal remains an excellent choice for clients requiring a flexible, scalable and secure CMS.

Whether we’re delivering a major new Drupal project or supporting your Drupal site for the long term, you’ll be working with a team that knows Drupal inside out.

And since January 2020, we've been the lead technical partner on the LocalGov Drupal project, collaborating with a growing number of local councils to improve codesharing, accelerate development, establish best practice and reduce costs.

Yes, we typically deliver our project work in 2-week sprints, and speak fluent Scrum, Kanban and DSDM, but agile is more than a methodology; it’s a mindset. We are radically transparent in our communications, and work in close collaboration with our clients to really get to grips with what they're trying to achieve and for whom.

This informs our approach to capturing, prioritising and delivering the requirements that achieve those goals within constraints of time and budget, while remaining flexible enough to adapt to evolving needs.

We know we couldn’t have got this far without the support of some amazing communities, and it's only right that we make valuable contributions back to the commons. We do this with open source code, of course, but that alone is not enough.

We organise local Drupal meet-ups, sponsor Drupal conferences, serve on the Worker Co-op Council, support apprenticeships (offering those apprentices meaningful employment on completion), take our skills and knowledge into local schools, and provide work experience for students.

We’re always up for doing more. If there’s anything you think we could help with, just ask.

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