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  • Patricia's design work experience

    I joined Agile Collective for a week of work experience from Cherwell School in October 2022, learning all about designing for the web

  • Sprint 10 Notes - LocalGov Drupal: Microsites

    DrupalCon Prague took 3 of our team out of the mix for a week but was a great opportunity to catch up with other LocalGov Drupal suppliers and promote it to new people, while the rest of us pushed forward with some new features. 

  • Sprint 9 Notes - LocalGov Drupal: Microsites

    Many of the team and council stakeholders were on holiday over August, so the team took the opportunity to perform some more user testing with available councils and made a number of user experiece improvements in sprint 9. 

  • Sprint 5 Notes - LocalGov Drupal: Microsites

    With a few of the Microsites project team away, and some social engagements to enjoy, we still made steady progress in Sprint 5: integrating findings from user testing, theme improvements and directories!

  • Sprint 4 Notes - LocalGov Drupal: Microsites

    User testing of the early prototype is complete! In this sprint, we aimed to test the architecture and user experience of creating new microsites, assigning users, configuring the look and feel, and adding content to a page. With 14 users across 5 councils lined up, we invited Kayo from Telltale Research as well as our own Steph and Rae to help.

  • Sprint 2 Notes - LocalGov Drupal: Microsites

    A slow start and a bank holiday reduced our resources on sprint 2, but we're going in the right direction and accelerating as we go, with some great foundational work on both the technical architecture and the wider content strategy considerations that councils need to consider before jumping to a microsite conclusion.

  • Becoming The Apprentice 

    An insight into my first month as a Junior UX Design Apprentice, being a newcomer to the industry and working towards a UX Design diploma!

  • We're hiring a developer

    We are looking for a mid or senior developer to join our team and help us to improve and develop our steadily growing service. We're willing to shape the role around you in some ways, so if you don't feel you tick all of the criteria please still apply as you may bring other skills which will help us as a team.