A day on the farm

Aaron, Finn, Richard, Stephen, Linda, Gemma, Liam and Dan at the farm

Sometimes it’s good to get out of the office, away from the screens and try something a little different. Recently, we took some time out to help at the Oxford City Farm - a community led organisation providing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with agricultural activities and build strong community ties.

While not everyone from Agile could join, Aaron, Dan, Finn, Liam, Linda, Richard and Stephen did their best to represent. As no day out is complete without some friends, we invited some of our partners to take part - Gemma from Common Knowledge, Mel from Code-Operative and Lucy from InFact.

We painted some sheds, prepped some walls, scythed some paths, fed some animals and we even built a greenhouse using up-cycled materials. Overall, it was an excellent day out - sunshine and all!

Thanks to Phil, Maria and Tim from the Oxford Farm for getting all your help and for Gemma, Mel and Lucy for joining us!

Aaron oversees the greenhouse construction
Liam sawing joyfully to help construct the greenhouse
Mel, Dan, Liam, Aaron and Finn standing in the greenhouse
Gemma, Linda and Mel show off the shed's new paintjob
Gemma, Richard and Stephen holding scythes in front of a newly cleared path
An excited Dan and Finn getting ready to do some farming
Finn and Aaron during some downtime at the greenhouse
The team sitting down to a well-deserved lunch
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    Liam joined Agile Collective as a project manager and member in 2019. He left us to move on to exciting new things in 2023.
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