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Building a better co-op

A good working environment is always important, but when working in a co-operative, this includes creating strong connections and bonds with other members of staff. As a predominately remote organisation for the last 3 years, we always make sure that, at least once a year, we can all come together for this very purpose. 

This year, Agile Collective spent a week in Henley-in-Arden where we engaged in a range of organisational strategy and visioning sessions. 

When we weren’t building and shaping the future of Agile Collective, we were making the most of our time together. This included a day out in Stratford with a little bit of added History provided by Richard, some epic Molki games and a co-operatively developed yet extremely challenging quiz night designed by Dan. 

We've come back from the week away refreshed, excited by the outcomes and very much looking forward to another team gathering next year!

Some of the team playing a round of Codename.
Testing our communication skills with a game of codenames.
Dario playing piano while Linda listens in
Linda enjoying a musical interlude provided by Dario.
Stephen, Chris and Simon enjoying the sunshine outside the house
Stephen, Chris and Simon relaxing in the sunshine.
James and Luke playing snooker with the an audience of Maria, Chris and Linda
James and Luke playing one of the many snooker games that week.
Maria takes aim in a game of Molki on the lawn
Maria takes aim in a round of Molki
Two groups of Agile Collective staff sit in garden in the late afternoon
Making the most of the garden space in the late afternoon
Sonia delivers a round of refreshments
Sonia delivers a round of refreshments
Dan sits in the sun
Quiz master Dan telling a riveting story

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