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Catalyst Resource Hub - Sprint 4 weeknotes

Another action packed sprint of development work took place last week, while the charity stakeholders were invited to test the development site and us with provide feedback at the sprint review.

Feedback from our stakeholders

Receiving direct feedback from users is always useful, so we were really pleased to receive a number of constructive suggestions in our sprint review.

Feedback and questions included:

  1. I was perhaps expecting to be able to add a homepage.
  2. Can we change the layout of the results? The layout is very formal, which is good for guidance. For parents or younger audiences, could this be more block based layout - more soft - maybe grid based.
  3. The "Back to site" link wording might need to be customisable by site administrators.
  4. What are the 'weights' on taxonomy terms listing and edit pages?

We discussed these and more and added a number items to the backlog of issues in GitLab.

Demo of new work

Work completed in the sprint included:

  1. Supporting site administrators to create users and assign the appropriate roles.
  2. Changing how the resource components work to support just 1 primary resource and unlimited secondary resources.
  3. Adding an external link resource component, for resources that are other websites or external documents.
  4. Linking to pre-filtered facetted search lists using the Entity Reference Facet Link module.
  5. Adding a base page content type for terms and conditions and alike, with the option to insert the pages into a footer menu.
  6. Adding a landing page with link blocks and a feature image to support curated landing pages of related resources.
  7. Improving the filter user experience at mobile screen sizes to allow filters to be shown or hidden, freeing up screen space for the search results.

Next up

We are really excited to test the new content management features with our users, so this week we will be scheduling a number of one-to-one user testing sessions to explore how the system is working for content managers and hopefully learn some new things.

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