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Guidance repositories weeknotes: Week 2

This week

This week... we have mostly been eating fennel.

Meanwhile, on the Shared service platform - guidance repositories project, it has been a quiet week. We finalised our initial survey, sent it out to potential partner charities and have so far confirmed valid interest from 3 charities. We are hoping to identify at least another 2 charities to ensure we have a range of experience from which to draw, but we also have access to a number of charities we already work with, some of whom are already working on guidance repositories.

Next week

We’ll be diving into interviews with charities next week to find out how people have been publishing guidance, what challenges they face and what ideas they have for future improvements.


The main thing slowing us down right now is the wait to have charity stakeholders to work with as part of our discovery phase. It just takes a little time to get the right people and find a good time to talk, but it is certainly worth taking the time to confirm real needs from real users before we start to design solutions.

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