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My Work Experience at Agile Collective: June 2022

Over the course of a week, I have worked with Agile Collective and have gained invaluable experience as well as incredible support in improving my web development skills.

Before coming to Agile Collective, I had very fundamental knowledge and no experience in web development using programming languages. I study Computer Science at A Level which focuses mainly on algorithmic programming using Python. However, my main facilitator/mentor, Richard, supplied me with myriad resources to learn and practice HTML and CSS. These resources allowed me to get to a level where I could begin to develop my own web page, which Richard would then review and feedback on, as well as giving me tasks to further accelerate my learning and challenge me. This experience was extremely useful as I was able to independently learn and practice new skills in a way that was most efficient for me, while also receiving advice from experienced colleagues.

 I was also supplied with reading on the methodologies of web design and project management, which enabled me to understand the core principles of Agile development and the company's values. As well as this, I was fortunate enough to observe meetings involving the sprint planning of a LocalGov Drupal project where I was able to see firsthand how user stories and feedback are taken into account when developing a website. This insight into the world of web development was fascinating to observe, as every member of the company‚Äôs opinion is valued and it is ensured that everyone is on board with ideas before they proceed further.

My experience at Agile Collective has left me inspired and far more knowledgeable about how the world of web design works. The structure of the company itself, the co-operative nature, was incredible to learn about and observe. Each member of the company is valued equally and so are their opinions and concerns, allowing for a great working environment where everyone can be honest in all proceedings. The combination of a friendly atmosphere and access to invaluable information has made this a truly inspiring place to do my work experience and I am privileged to have been a part of it.


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  • Luka van Rooyen

    Luka van Rooyen
    Luka did web development work experience at Agile Collective in July 2022.
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