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My work experience at Agile Collective

I spent one week at Agile Collective learning the fundamentals of building a website with Drupal and have been given a great introduction to the world of web development. 

Before I came to Agile Collective for my work experience, I had acquired knowledge about what is required to build a website through different kinds of programming languages, but I had never had any sort of experience with content management systems. Because of this, Richard (my main point of contact/mentor) had set me up with some basic Drupal 8 videos to begin learning with on day one. If I didn’t understand something, he or another member of the team would always be there to assist me and take time out of their day to explain a tricky concept thoroughly. I valued the independence they gave me to experiment on my own Drupal project and the freedom I got to learn in the way I found most beneficial. I didn’t have time to finish my Drupal project in the week (and I only scratched the surface of all the features of Drupal) but I will definitely be carrying my project on in the weeks to come!

Another aspect of my work experience week consisted of learning about how the company communicates with clients. Part of this was displayed in an Oxfam International meeting I was able to sit in on but was also covered in an detailed conversation I had with Ian about business development where he showed me his role in the company and its importance in bringing in and securing deals with potential clients. 

It has been a privilege to be at Agile Collective for a week, I enjoyed the cooperative nature of the company, where everyone is treated as an equal. I believe that the fact everyone can have a say in decisions concerning the company is a very powerful tool and definitely should be adopted by different organisations globally. It creates a great atmosphere in the office where everyone is genuinely nice to one another and has been a truly inspiring place for me to do my work experience in.

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  • Edgar

    Edgar did web development work experience at Agile Collective in November 2018.
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