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Patricia's design work experience

I decided to do work experience with Agile Collective because I believed I could learn more new skills with them that could help me in the future, and the opportunity came so I took it.

During my week I read a lot about the company and how they work, this was done by shadowing them in their meetings which really helped me understand how they ask questions that can help gain helpful feedback, in addition I also learnt a bit of coding, specifically CSS, javascript and html, using Dash from General Assembly.

I also made a wireframe for an idea of a website I could make, and designed it in Figma. The most surprising thing I learnt was how long the process is for design, and that it takes a lot of collaboration and feedback to work.

My favourite activity was designing my website on Figma, as well as learning CSS and html coding, it was very fun to learn something new.

In conclusion, I believe this was a very beneficial opportunity for me to do my work experience in Agile Collective because it taught me a lot of skills that could help me in the future, and skills that I can also develop on my own time.

Meet our Guest Author
  • Patricia Popus

    Patricia Popus
    Patricia did design work experience at Agile Collective in October 2022.
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