We’re a worker-owned agency that designs, builds and supports websites for organisations we believe in.

Supporting causes we care about

Our mission has always been more than just business. We're driven by a commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility, equality, and human rights. 

About a year ago, we collectively established the Good Causes Fund – an initiative to support projects and initiatives that align with our values and contribute to a better society. 

We believe in giving back, and through this fund, our co-op members can make meaningful contributions to causes they care about. Once a year, provided we have enough surplus, we ask our members to nominate and vote for causes they'd like the company to donate to. You can learn more about the process we follow on our Good Causes handbook page.

In 2023, we supported projects whose mission is committed to digital inclusion, social justice, environmental sustainability, and human rights: 

  • A11yTalks: A virtual meet-up on a mission to promote accessibility in digital spaces, ensuring that everyone, regardless of ability, can fully participate in the digital space.
  • Digital Poverty Alliance: Focuses on policy, advocacy, and evidence-based research to combat digital poverty. 
  • Earth Trust: Inspires people to address climate, biodiversity and wellbeing with the power of natural green spaces.
  • Everyone Can: Helps people with disabilities to improve their quality of life through the power of gaming. 
  • Trussel Trust: Supports a nationwide network of food banks and provides emergency food and support to people locked in poverty, and campaigns for change to end the need for food banks in the UK.
  • Oxford Food Hub: Rescues surplus food from wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants and more, and redistributes it to charities and community organisations across Oxfordshire.
  • The Bike Project: Collects second-hand bikes, refurbishes them and donates them to refugees and people seeking asylum in the UK.
  • Yalla Coop: A web design and development agency raising emergency funds to support their team in Gaza so they can afford the essentials needed for survival, and rebuild their lives when the war ends.

At the end of the funding round, we had the pleasure of inviting all the Good Causes recipients to a virtual event, where they shared their experiences, vision, and challenges, and connected with other charities.

It was inspiring to see the valuable job done by individuals and organisations that truly believe in their causes. Looking ahead, we will continue supporting and working with organisations that align with our vision for a more equitable and sustainable world.

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