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Work experience at Agile Collective

Only one year ago I didn’t really enjoy programming. Now I’m considering going into Computer Science for my future career.

In my 2 weeks of work experience at Agile Collective I learned what processes are involved in developing a website for a client.

Maria and Aaron, who were the main contact people for me and Jed [who was also on work experience], planned different things for us to ensure we got a sense of the different aspects of web development and working in a cooperative. I was able to be at meetings with clients, which made me realise how important this part of building a website is. I went along to internal meetings about managing the cooperative as well and I found it highly interesting how the cooperative is coordinated: while having a very organised plan of their day-to-day office life, they managed keeping a relaxed, friendly and cheerful atmosphere.

I hadn't come across Drupal before, but at Agile Collective I was introduced to this programming language. I had access to an online learning source as well as having people to help out when I was stuck or if there was a technical problem. Drupal is very different to the programming languages I learned before and I enjoyed the less code-based approach of it alot, as well as the advantages the open source system provides. Therefore I hope to continue using Drupal for future projects as it is a great tool for developing more complex websites.

It was great to experience work life in such a unique company where not only teamwork is needed, but also independence and responsibility as there is no boss who tells you what to do but everyone has a part in the decisions that are made. Really important for me is also the positive impact they have on the wider community by developing websites for charities and other altruistic organisations.

A big difference between Agile Collective and other companies is that it is not only a very open and friendly work environment, but that this community goes beyond the office hours. Although I barely knew anyone in the office before I started my work experience, they were happy to take the time to answer my many questions. Their friendliness and inclusiveness made me feel like I was a part of their collective from the very beginning and I’m considering coming back here sometime for a longer time…

If you are not sure if web development could be something for you, or want to know more about working in a cooperative, Agile Collective is a great place to start : )

Meet our Guest Author
  • Toni

    Toni did web development work experience with Agile Collective in July 2017.
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