LocalGov Drupal

What is LocalGov Drupal?

Developed by councils, for councils - LocalGov Drupal is a starter kit for council websites. Built on shared needs, research and best practice, LocalGov Drupal is a constantly evolving product giving councils better tools for meeting their citizens' needs. 

LocalGov Drupal is also a community, where councils collaborate on new features and find innovative solutions by sharing experience and skills. 

Illusration of a town plan, with the words "Connecting Councils". LocalGov Drupal logo, and Funded by Local Digital

What are the benefits of LocalGov Drupal? 

  • Save money: LocalGov Drupal could reduce the cost of your website by up to 80%. That comes from lower upfront costs, fewer redevelopers, regularly released community-developed features, no licence fees plus access to all the community-generated research and best practices. Read more about the business case from LocalGov Drupal themselves.
  • Feature rich: With many crucial features out-of-the-box such as service pages, step by steps, guides, subsites and directories, LocalGov Drupal gives councils a flying headstart to rebuilding their sites. New features are released regularly, so your site can grow and improve over time - meaning this could be the last website you ever need.
  • Open source: The product is open source, which means you can take the codebase and extend it to suit your needs exactly.  There is a thriving community of councils and suppliers actively working on LocalGov Drupal, so you have no fear of vendor lock-in. 
  • Accessibility: The core distribution is actively monitored and tested for accessibility, and constantly strives to improve. Building a site with LocalGov Drupal means that WCAG Level AA conformance is easily achievable. 
  • Community: Your developers, content team and product managers will thank you for giving them access to some of the best, most generous minds in the country. 

“LocalGov Drupal challenges this status quo, showing that authorities can cooperate to deliver large software projects without relying on a single monolithic supplier. The continued success of the LocalGov Drupal project has potentially far reaching benefits across the sector, inspiring others to follow in its footsteps and legacy suppliers to raise their game or risk losing out to new, cooperative, initiatives.
 Helping local authorities deliver better, more cost effective, digital services is something we all benefit from.”

Why Agile Collective?

As lead technical partner through the Discovery, Alpha, Beta and Microsites phases of LocalGov Drupal, we are in a unique position to help you on your LocalGov Drupal journey. 

We think it’s fair to say that our team knows LocalGov Drupal inside-out. 

We provide a range of LocalGov Drupal services including

  • Development
  • Migration
  • Design 
  • Training
  • Consultancy
  • Accessibility audits and consultancy
  • Support and maintenance
  • Hosting

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What our clients say

“We've been delighted with their expertise, vision and dedication to the task. As a group of councils, we didn't have any expertise in collaborative working with open source code. It was essential that our suppliers could guide us, and Agile Collective has been more than equal to the challenge. We recommend Agile Collective wholeheartedly. They are very capable Drupal builders and thinkers, and all round good people to have on your team.”

– Will Callaghan, Delivery Manager, Croydon Council Digital Service

“Agile Collective always get to the heart of the "thing" we're trying to achieve, rather than throw blueprint solutions at a problem. And by using agile methodologies they continue to help us refine and meet key goals. They have not only provided the OCC Digital Development team with exemplary Drupal expertise, but have provided valuable advice, coaching and guidance on building the right thing, in the right way.”

– Robert Hill, Digital Services Manager, Oxfordshire County Council