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We know from experience that designing and developing microsites can be time consuming and costly to an organisation. So, as part of an initiative led by LocalGov Drupal, we built a Microsites distribution. The distribution allows unprecedented control of your digital presence. 

Benefits of LocalGov Drupal Microsites.

From one installation, it allows easy, centralised administration of multiple customisable, distinct websites. Despite being built for councils initially, the microsite system is perfect for anyone with multiple websites to manage and maintain. Features include:

  • Centralised control of the sites, and per-microsite access for content editors and admins
  • Optimised content editor experience
  • News, events, directories, and blogs
  • Flexible pages and layouts, allowing for multi-column and breakout layouts
  • Customisable site design settings 
  • Bespoke themes for each site
  • Content control, where you can switch types of content on and off on a per-microsite basis
  • Accessibility assistance

Watch a demo of Localgov Drupal Microsites.

The Microsite distribution is built on the mountain of best practice and is supported by the LocalGov Drupal community. It is open source, easy to use, accessible, and can reduce costs by moving multiple sites into a single installation.

Why Agile Collective?

As the lead technical partner in developing the microsites system, we have unrivalled expertise in what Microsites can do out-of-the-box and how to extend it. We provide a range of services for Microsites including

  • Consultancy
  • Design and development
  • Migration
  • Training
  • Accessibility 
  • Support and maintenance
  • Hosting

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