Dan Duke


Pronouns: he/him

Dan is an incredibly experienced full-stack Drupal 7/8 developer. He can sometimes be convinced to partake in a little project planning. With an eye on the future, he keeps himself amused learning the new things in the world of web development.

Life before Agile Collective

Dan studied ‘Digital Arts and Technology’ (the quotation marks are his) and the art of listening to very loud music at Plymouth University. He moved to London where he worked his way from junior to lead developer at Comic Relief, before freelancing in and around London and Oxford.

After playing hard to get for many years, Dan finally agreed to come and work with us. We’re not sure whether it was us, or our clients, that finally won him over but we’re delighted that he decided to settle down.

When Dan’s not at work

Dan plays a LOT of board games. He appreciates having a context to socialise in where you can have a good time and still drive home afterwards. He also likes to relax in the fresh air whenever possible – gardening, hiking or cycling. Otherwise he is content being a self-described ‘geek’ with film, TV, YouTube and graphic novels.

Dan outside
Knight of the realm
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