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Dario Faniglione

Support, Developer

Pronouns: he/him

Dario is a crucial member of our support team. He fixes issues, he adds new features and he keeps your site secure – all with a smile.

Life before Agile Collective

Before joining Agile Collective, Dario was a media producer and learning technologist at a UK university. When the opportunity to work in a worker co-operative Drupal agency came up, Dario threw himself at us with reckless abandon. We were bowled over by his enthusiasm, something he continues to bring to work every day, perhaps encouraged by the weather in the south of Italy where he now lives.

When Dario’s not at work

Dario plays the piano, and loves to spend time with his family. He spends most of his time outside of work gardening and DIYing. He has an enviable tomato growing operation, and is currently renovating a house for his family in the south of Italy.

Dario with a chainsaw
Dario in the garden
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