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An allotment with plants and flowers.

Laurence Sgroi

Apprentice, Developer

Laurie joined Agile Collective as an apprentice software developer in September 2023 after learning full stack web development with Founders and Coders. 

Life before Agile Collective

Laurie studied for a PhD in Quantum Mechanics. He then took the not-so-quantum leap into the world of organic food production and gardening. It was on a community farm nestled within Epping Forest that Laurie first experienced being part of a workers’ cooperative and realised how that resonated with him.

Two people in a forest with their climbing equipment.
Laurie on a fallen tree trunk that acts as a bridge to cross a river.

When Laurie’s not at work

Laurie can normally be found outdoors traipsing around in nature. He's passionate about growing food, and he’s very proud of the time he won best allotment in Hackney. Ask him about it! When he's not gardening, you can find him scaling big rocks back home in Dartmoor or at his local climbing centre.

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