Linda's chicken

Linda Mitchell

Office administrator, Finance

Pronouns: she/her

Linda keeps our accounts up-to-date, sends out invoices, makes sure our suppliers and employees are paid on time, and that we have paid every penny of our taxes. She also keeps the plants watered and ensures there are biscuits in the tin.

Life before Agile Collective

What hasn’t she done? Linda worked in theatre and radio, she ran a secretarial agency, she was an accountant, a garage proprietor, a pub landlord and a carer for elderly relatives. Somewhere in between she also raised two children*.

*We're particularly grateful for the last, because one of them introduced us to Linda, and we managed to persuade her to put off retiring for a few more years yet.

Linda by the sea
Linda's decorated eggs
The beloved motorhome

When Linda’s not at work

Out of working hours Linda loves going away for weekends in her ancient motorhome, and trying to grow vegetables and flowers in her garden – made more difficult by her flock of chickens who roam free. As do her husband and two cats.

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