Maria in Tajikistan

Maria Young

Developer, Support

Support-worker, front-end developer, project manager, covert designer – Maria has fingers in all the pies. She loves working and making friends with our clients, and knows most of their sites inside out.

Life before Agile Collective

Maria left Edinburgh College of Art with a degree in Visual Communication and no idea what to do with her life. She meandered through jobs as a photographer, cook, graphic designer, she dabbled in metaphysics and care work. When she finally found her way to Agile Collective’s door she saw an opportunity to use all of those skills.

She’ll often be found pondering the meta questions of running the business, dreaming of ways of creating a fair and just society and then laughing at herself for being so idealistic. Open source and co-operativism are, to her, key components of this. Along with cycling.

Maria in the distance
Maria cooking

When Maria’s not at work

Maria rides bikes. Sometimes a very long way. She recently returned from a year-long sabbatical cycling from the UK to New Zealand. She also does her best to encourage other people to ride their bikes too. She thinks it is Very Important.

She enjoys pondering the big questions and continues – against all evidence – to believe that humans will be better to each other and their planet. She has big dreams.

She is a serial crafter, cake baker and loves to cook for people. She also adores a proper knees-up from time to time.

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