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Safer Pregnancy

The Safer Pregnancy website is an online resource for pregnant women initiated by Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity, Sands UK, in conjunction with the Department of Health. It has been created to provide a dedicated resource for pregnant women with ‘straight-talking’ information and advice about staying safer during pregnancy.

As a result of focus group research, Sands discovered that women had very particular ideas about the types of content and messaging they wanted to see and hear during pregnancy. They did not want any information about potential risks which they couldn’t do anything about, and they didn’t want to see imagery related to bereavement.

It was felt that the best way to achieve this was via a website filled with positive, empowering, practical and straight-talking information which would encourage women to read and learn more.
Safer Pregnancy home page
Image of a landing page
Image of a landing page

Project identity

We worked with the Safer Pregnancy team to create an identity for the project that is upbeat, friendly, clear, straight-talking and non-judgemental.

We created a logo which encapsulates the idea of both safety and pregnancy (without being frightening) and avoided potentially upsetting photography, instead using an illustrative approach which resonates with a broad range of women from different walks of life. However, it's the projects' warm and accessible 'voice' which gives it its heart and soul and has made it such a success.

Logo illustration of hands protectively holding onto a baby
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Illustration of bare feet standing on scales (reading 'perfect')
Illustration of a pregnant woman with a cup of tea

The website

The Safer Pregnancy website is informative, friendly, encouraging, non-judgemental, easy to navigate and accessible to all. It's a vital resource for pregnant women, their partners and healthcare workers which provides straight-talking advice about a difficult subject. 

Questions and advice page

Main image (top): Jamie Coupaud on Unsplash

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