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The Safer Pregnancy website is an initiative of Stillbirth and Neonatal Death charity, Sands UK. As part of their awareness-raising work into stillbirth and in conjunction with the Department of Health, they commissioned some focus group research aimed at finding out how much the participants knew about the risks of stillbirth.

They found that it is not a subject generally raised by health professionals with pregnant women as part of their general pregnancy information, unless there is a particular risk factor present. Being aware that things can occasionally go seriously wrong in any pregnancy, Sands saw the need for a dedicated resource which would give women access to all the information they need to make well-informed decisions about their health and care.

The brief

As part of their research, Sands asked participants whether they wanted the subject of stillbirth to be included as part of their general pregnancy information; if so, what kind of information they thought would be helpful; and, what kind of messaging they would feel comfortable with. 

Overall, participants felt that they were open to hearing about the risks of stillbirth as long as the messaging and associated imagery was subtle, positive and focussed on the things they could do to reduce their risk, and definitely not on the things they had no control over. 

It was felt that the best way to achieve this was via a website filled with positive, empowering, practical and straight-talking information which would encourage women to read and learn more. 

The website

We worked with the Safer Pregnancy team to create a site which is informative, friendly, warm, encouraging, non-judgemental, accessible to all and easy to navigate. 

The writing style is clear, approachable and non-judgemental making it accessible and appealing to a diverse audience. The use of illustration throughout the site supports the friendliness of the writing style and introduces some colour and warmth.