Support and maintenance

Dependable long-term support

We offer a comprehensive, long-term support and maintenance service, and members of our team have supported some sites continuously since the days of Drupal 5 over 10 years ago.

We provide solutions to meet all needs, with a scalable support service that can provide anything from patching critical security releases to regular monthly development time.

Our support services are:

  • Secure - the application of all security updates ensures your site infrastructure is secure
  • Flexible - changes, amendments and feature requests allow you to keep the site up to date
  • Dependable - dedicated staff, defined response times and monitoring ensure that any issues you have are resolved promptly

Can we support your site?

We don't just support sites that we have built, but instead support and maintain a wide range of sites built by other agencies and developers. For sites which we did not develop, site audits are carried out as part of the on-boarding process into our support service. 

Site audit

Before on-boarding a site developed elsewhere, we'll always conduct a site audit, which involves a review of the existing Drupal implementation, codebase and server architecture against best practice. This process can uncover technical issues which can then be rectified to prevent long-term problems.

Our support service


We'll provide you with an issue tracker for your site, allowing your team to raise tickets and for both sides to maintain an easily-referenced dialogue on issues. We provide a user guide too, to make sure you get the most out of the system.


We implement security releases to any codebases we maintain. CMS platforms will periodically (usually monthly, or more frequently) release security updates which require implementation in order to maintain site and data security. We monitor for those releases and will implement them in a timely manner according to their severity to ensure your site is secure.  

New features

Under your support agreement we can provide development work to improve your site with new features, as well as access to the full range of our research, UX, design and digital marketing services. We will update you with monthly reports on your usage and maintain a conversation with you about how best to use your time and whether we need to adjust the level of support provided (which could be up or down).

Work with us

If you're looking for a reliable and responsive support and maintenance partner for your existing website, get in touch.