We’re a worker-owned agency that designs, builds and supports websites for organisations we believe in.

User Experience and Design

Building on the insights gained during discovery, we’ll design an engaging and accessible experience for your users, whatever device they’re using.

User Experience, also referred to as UX, is a golden thread that is embedded into each stage of design, prioritising your users each step of the way. It’s a collaborative process and we test with real users every step of the way, doing activities such as:

  • Creating a new information architecture
  • Wireframing key pages and mapping important journeys
  • Mood-boards and lo-fi sketches
  • Mobile-first visual design
  • Atomic design system development

At Agile Collective, we use the Design Thinking model to imagine the problem from your user’s perspective and test it before building. At the heart of this approach lies the exploration of a set of real-life user scenarios and the building of the most efficient, engaging experience for each.

This allows us to move away from thinking of the website as a large, monolithic system and towards a series of targeted experiences for your users

A non-linear diagram of the design thinking model: Empathise with users, define the problem, ideate solutions, build prototypes, and then test with users


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