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Catalyst Resource Hub - Sprint 3 weeknotes

Sprint Goals

  1. Progress the front end
  2. Start on the customisation\personalisation features

With the double bank holiday weekend in the middle of the sprint were short on time this sprint so our sprint goals were relatively modest however the front end has come on significantly.


Front end

With the resource content model in place and with a decent variety of ‘demo content’ to work with we were in a good place start on the front end implementation, that is the translation of visual designs into HTML templates, CSS and JavaScript - in Drupal land we call this “themeing”.

Resource Hub's newly implemented front end
Resource Hub's newly implemented front end


As you’d expect, any organisation using the Resource Hub, or any other Drupal distribution, is likely to want to customise the branding to an extent and this was confirmed through the research with our charity stakeholders. Drupal is designed from the ground up to be infinitely customisable, however for this application we felt there needed to be a balance between giving charities enough flexibility while preserving accessible colour combinations and coherent design. In our first iteration administrators are able to choose a theme ‘accent’, change the site logo and name as well as editing the legal text that appears in footer of every page. We expect there to be more work on this front.


Despite being in the middle of the Easter break it was a fairly full house at our sprint review . We took the stakeholders through the new customisation features and showed off the front end. As always, it’s really great to hear feedback and ideas from potential users of the product.