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Discovery and Definition

Design Thinking works on a divergent and convergent basis. Discovery and Definition are all about researching and defining the problem at hand. These first two steps in the process allow us to:

  1. Discover insight to the problem: Gaining an understanding of the problem through research. Design Thinking is crucial as it allows us to put aside our own assumptions and gain real insight into users and their needs.
  2. Define the focus: Before we look at designing the solution, it’s important to take all of our observations and define the core problems identified. This allows us to really focus on specific solutions that are within the scope of the project.
A diagram of the design process double diamond, showing the process of Discover, Define, Develop, and Design.
British Design Council's Double Diamond, a design process model


Using workshops and interviews to consult with internal and external stakeholders and representatives from your audience groups, we’ll develop a shared understanding of your organisation’s vision, mission, objectives and culture, and how these relate to the needs and motivations of your users.

Once we have gathered and sorted as much existing information as possible, we move towards defining our findings. Here, we devise a project plan based on our learnings from Discovery. We simplify and synthesise our user need statements and converge on agreed outputs for the project.

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