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A beach in Greece with cliffs in the background on a sunny day

Sonia Botsarova


Pronouns: she/they

Sonia joined Agile Collective as an apprentice developer and successfully completed her Software Developer Level 4 apprenticeship in October 2023.

Life before Agile Collective

Sonia’s coding journey started in April 2021 when she decided to learn HTML and CSS as a hobby and since then she never looked back. Now, she loves building projects from scratch, learning about and trying different technologies, and racking her brain to solve challenging technical problems.

Sonia smiling on a sunny day with a beach behind her, wearing a "Friends not food" t-shirt and a yellow bucket hat.
A bicycle with a sun hat in the basket and a rice paddy field in the background.

When not at work

One of Sonia’s biggest passions is cinema. She enjoys discovering and watching meaningful, thought-provoking films from all around the world.

Except for movies, she finds happiness in sunny days, veganism, and seeing people being compassionate, supportive, and kind to each other and the world around them.

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