We’re a worker-owned agency that designs, builds and supports websites for organisations we believe in.

Web development

We are a full-stack agency, bringing years of development experience to all aspects of our projects. Whether your project focuses on a strong front-end user experience, a powerful content management system or the full end-to-end development, we can bring the expertise needed to deliver a product that meets your needs.  

At Agile Collective, we work with a range of languages (PHP, Python, Java, Bash), frameworks (Symfony, Flask) and content management systems (Drupal, Wordpress, Indico, Wagtail). That’s just the back end. Similarly, when it comes to the front end we’ve worked with a range of languages (CSS, JavaScript) and frameworks (Druxt, Nuxt and Tailwind). 

We have a strong design process that will help to understand the requirements and architect the best technical solutions.

Drupal Development

Drupal has been Agile Collective’s core technology from day one, with some of the team's experience dating back to the mid-2000s. Whether we’re delivering a major new Drupal project or supporting your Drupal site for the long term, you’ll be working with a team that knows Drupal inside out.

Our deep knowledge of Drupal means we make the right choices when it comes to selecting contributed modules, and we’ll only create custom modules to meet genuinely custom requirements. We always adhere to Drupal Coding Standards, and performance optimisation is baked into our build process.

Working with large, complex organisations over the years has given us lots of experience tackling interesting technical challenges including major migrations and API integration projects, delivering these collaboratively with both internal teams and other project partners as required.

We are very involved and engaged with the Drupal community at international, national and local levels: as a longstanding Organization Member of the Drupal Association; as regular attendees at DrupalCon Europe (including speaker sessions at DrupalCon Europe 2020 and 2021 about our work on LocalGov Drupal); as lead technical partner for LocalGov Drupal since January 2020; and as organisers and sponsors of Oxford Drupal User Group (OXDUG).

Migrations and integrations

We don’t mind a bit of heavy-lifting, and working with large, complex organisations usually entails tackling interesting technical challenges, often in partnership with both internal client teams and external service providers.

CMS migration projects are notoriously difficult but we’ve got a lot of experience, including successful migrations for Oxfam International, ActionAid and Oxfordshire County Council.

In an increasingly API-first world, integrations are also a common requirement. We have solid experience with payment gateways, CRM systems like Salesforce, CiviCRM and Dynamics. If there’s an API, we’ve got it covered

Open source

Whatever we are building, we believe in and support open-source software, through our everyday preference towards open-source products and our focus on working with open-source software with our clients.


Do you have a project up your sleeve or need support for your existing website? Get in touch, we’d love to have a chat.