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Our sessions at LocalGov Drupal Week

We recently ran three sessions at the first annual LocalGov Drupal Week.

Two sessions focused on collaboration, the third was a handy ‘how to’ guide for councils.

Agile Collective member Maria Young also contributed to the Open Digital Cooperative AGM and other LocalGov Drupal sessions as a director.

It was brilliant to be part of the first LocalGov Drupal Week. There were some excellent sessions throughout the week. We had a blast catching up with so many members of the LGD community and engaging with potential members.

Our sessions

How can we incubate a healthy, collaborative accessibility community in LocalGov Drupal?

​Maria hosted a panel of accessibility specialists from the open source, Drupal and LocalGov Drupal communities, discussing how we can support, champion and grow the accessibility community within LocalGov Drupal. This included:

  • ​What can we learn from other communities?
  • ​How can we support more people to get involved?
  • ​How can we skill more people up?
  • ​How can we encourage collaboration and contribution?

The panel included:

  • ​Mike Gifford is a Senior Strategist at CivicActions and a thought leader on digital accessibility in the public sector. He is a Certified Professional in Web Accessibility (CPWA), a W3C Invited Expert and recognised authoring tool accessibility expert. Mike has spearheaded accessibility improvements in Drupal since 2008 and served as a Drupal Core Accessibility Maintainer in 2012.
  • ​Nova Constable is the Digital Lead for content design and engagement at Luton Council. Since the government announced PSBAR legislation, she has been heavily focused on accessibility and has created training courses and guides to raise awareness about it in her council. She is planning to begin a Digital Accessibility Specialist Apprenticeship next year.
  • ​Ryan Falcon-Hay is the website manager for Hammersmith and Fulham council. He is a champion for digital accessibility within his council and has been contributing back to LocalGov Drupal by leading the Publications working group.

Introduction to content migration

Simon and Richard share our experiences with large content migrations, including;

  • ​How do you understand your content?
  • ​What do you need to keep?
  • What needs updating?
  • How are you going to move it?
  • ​What issues might you encounter?

Templates shared in the presentation can be found here.


About LocalGov Drupal Week

LocalGov Drupal week took place between Monday, 13th November and Friday, 17th November 2023.

It was a week of virtual sessions, hosted by the LocalGov Drupal community to share best practice, and experiences, all focusing on doing more with less.

Over 500 people attended 14 sessions over 5 days.

You can find all the videos in this LocalGov Drupal Week playlist.



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