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    Sharing Drupal code between UK Councils

    Most UK Councils have very similar requirements for website publishing systems, so we are delighted to be involved in active and open collaboration between councils to share code and knowledge towards a shared Drupal publishing platform.

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    Our review of 2019

    2020 used to feel like the future, right? Robots doing all the work while we kick back and relax, world peace, jetpacks, oh hang on…

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    Attending dotCSS and dotJS conferences 2019

    In December 2019 I attended the DotCSS and DotJS conferences in Paris. Here are some quick notes and opinions on the conference for people who might be interested in attending future events.

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    Writing Accessible Content: Part 1

    Part 1 of a series covering accessibility from a content writer's perspective. Part 1 focuses on understanding how people access the web, readability, headings and links.

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    Top 10 reasons to use Drupal 8 now

    Drupal 8 is in a great place for new projects, and future upgrades will be far less involved. Moving from Drupal 7 or another CMS to Drupal 8 may feel like a big step, but it is an investment that will pay you and your organisation back, both in the short term and for many years to come.

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    Web accessibility

    A brief introduction to web accessibility and the new legislation for public sector bodies. It's more exciting than you think.

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    New website, new technologies

    Our new website uses a lot of interesting new technology. It is built using the JAMstack methodology (JavaScript, APIs, Markup) which means that Drupal is used for content management, Drupal then serves this content using JSON API (now in Drupal core) and this API is consumed by Gridsome to build the front end.

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    My work experience at Agile Collective

    I spent one week at Agile Collective learning the fundamentals of building a website with Drupal and have been given a great introduction to the world of web development. 

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    Abdullah ,

    One week with the Agile Collective team

    Spending the last week at work experience at Agile Collective has given us the insight on how agile development works when implementing websites.

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    Work experience at Agile Collective

    "Only one year ago I didn’t really enjoy programming. Now I’m considering going into Computer Science for my future career." Toni reports on her fortnight of work experience at Agile Collective.

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    A week at Agile Collective

    I’ve been working at Agile Collective for the past week for my work experience and overall I think it's been great! A major plus is that the office is right next to Atomic Burger...

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    Learning Web Development with Agile Collective

    Switching careers from teaching English to web development was a daunting prospect at first. My impression used to be that the majority of people working in the sector would have predominantly computer science and mathematics oriented backgrounds, and without a qualification in either, I wasn't confident that my ambition would ever become a reality.